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Kardia Band is available in HK NOW

Kardia Band for Apple Watch, and new Kardia app, represent a significant breakthrough in proactive heart health by allowing people to discretely capture their EKG anytime, anywhere.

Users can record a single-lead EKG by simply touching Kardia Band’s integrated sensor that communicates with the Watch app, Kardia by AliveCor™. The Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Detector then uses Kardia’s automated analysis process (algorithm) to instantly detect the presence of AF in an EKG, the most common cardiac arrhythmia and a leading cause of stroke. Also included is the Normal Detector, which indicates whether your heart rate and rhythm are normal, and the Unreadable Detector, which tells you when to retake an EKG so physicians receive only the highest quality recordings. Users can also record voice memos on their Apple Watch to accompany each EKG that give doctors and caregivers a clearer picture of what was happening at the time of the recording — describing symptoms such as palpitations or external factors like caffeine intake. Kardia also integrates seamlessly with Apple’s Health app to include EKG data with steps and calorie intake to provide richer, personal analysis over time.

Kardia Band is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about their health in addition to people with AF, and doctors who want to bring the latest in proactive heart health technology to their patients and practices. Kardia Band provides caregivers the opportunity to take a more active role in helping their loved one engage in their own care. The Kardia Band is pending 510k clearance and is not currently for sale in the U.S. “Kardia Band for Apple Watch represents both the future of proactive heart health and the introduction of the Wearable MedTech category,” said Vic Gundotra, chief executive officer of AliveCor. “These combined technologies give us the ability to deliver personal reports that provide analysis, insights and actionable advice for the patient and their doctor.”

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