AliveCor Kardia Mobile 6L


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Product Description

Give your doctor 6 times the information

The first and only FDA-cleared six-lead personal EKG.

Detect Atrial Fibrillation or Normal heart rhythm anytime, anywhere. 6-lead EKG data gives your doctor a more complete view of your heart, and the ability to identify other cardiac arrhythmias. Works with most smartphones & tablets (Android & iOS)

Kardia Mobile 6L has two electrodes on the top for your fingers, and one on the bottom to contact the skin of your left leg. Kardia Mobile 6L delivers EKG leads I, II, III, aVL, aVR, and aVF. All without messy gels and wires.

  • Why Six-Leads: Never before has more heart health information been available at your fingertips. Share detailed 6-lead EKGs with your doctor for a better view of your heart. And help your doctor provide you with even better care.
  • Capture a medical-grade EKG in 30 seconds and detect Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Tachycardia or Normal heart rhythm.
  • Works with most smartphones & tablets on Android & iOS. KardiaMobile 6L is not tested or recommended for use with pacemakers and ICDs.

Tech Specs

9.0 cm x 3.0 cm x 0.72 cm
Three 3 cm x 3 cm stainless steel electrodes

24 grams

3V CR2016 coin cell battery (included)
200 hours operational time
12 months typical use

Bluetooth Low Energy technology
1m wireless range

EKG Characteristics
Six Lead ECG
10 mV peak-to-peak input dynamic range
30 second to 5 minute recording duration
300 samples per second sampling rate
14 bit resolution